Phantom 4 Pro Ppk

Get a new DJI Phantom 4 Adv/ProV1/ProV2 with geodetic GNSS receiver, ready for high precision surveying

Why Phantom 4 PPK?

High precision survey

3-5 cm horizontal and vertical accuracy with no ground control points required

Easy to use

No manual control required. The drone performs survey missions automatically.


The drone fits into standard Phantom 4 case, which you can carry even in a backpack.

Affordable price

Our price is lower than any other similar offer on the market.

The Benefits

GNSS Receiver

GNSS Receiver

Module Design

Module Design



Accurate Shutter Sync

Accurate Shutter Sync

Calibrated Camera

Calibrated Camera

Survey and Data Processing Manual

Survey and Data Processing Manual

How it works

The geodetic GNSS receiver records satellite observations. The time of each shutter moment is accurately captured. After the flight, GNSS data is processed together with the data from the base station. Obtained exact coordinates of the of image centers are used for photogrammetric processing and stitching an orthomosaic with 3-5 cm accuracy.

In the Box

The cost of "Pro extension" is 830 €

The cost of "Pro extension" is 830 €


P4 Advanced

3000 €
In stock!

P4 Professional V1

3450 €

P4 Professional V2

3650 €

Advanced and Pro drones are completely identical, except for Pro’s side collision sensors, which are not used during aerial survey. Differences in prices are only due to the difference in the dealers cost.

Tech Specs

Coverage per flight

2 cm/pix – 30 Ha
3 cm/pix – 40 Ha
4 cm/pix – 50 Ha

Data quality

Horizontal accuracy 5cm
Vertical accuracy 7cm
GSD up to 2cm/pix

Flight capabilities

10 m/s wind tolerance
-10 to +40 °C temperature range
Up to 500m flight altitude
Up to 30min flight time


1″ CMOS sensor
20 megapixels
Mechanical shutter

GNSS receiver

Survey grade GNSS receiver
GPS/QZSS L1, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS
PPK processing support
Precise shutter sync

Flight Planning App

Automatic flight
iPhone support
Android support

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